Success Stories

Below are some of the testimonials we’ve received from people who have tried dicon and experienced its benefits.


For a couple of weeks I’d been suffering from bloating. I was uncomfortable after eating and clothes didn’t fit properly. I heard about dicon and tried it. By the next day my bloating was gone. I take dicon once a day now and I feel great and look great.

Since childhood I suffered from stomach problems. I tried OTC remedies and probiotics but none of them worked well for me. I was so frustrated. Then one day, my doctor told me about diconTM – I tried it and I couldn’t believe how well it worked! I still take a daily dose of dicon and I am still amazed by how well it works.

For five years, I suffered from stomach problems. I was always bloated and every time I finished a meal, I went straight to sleep because I felt so sluggish. diconTM has made me feel like a new man! I can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and not have to worry about the bloating or the need to go to sleep. All of the uncomfortable feelings have disappeared.

When my 10 year old son began to suffer from indigestion and stomach pains, our pediatrician tried a regimen of antibiotics. Matt was feeling terrible and headachy. He missed close to a month of school. Then his doctor called us – he had just received a sample of Dicon and wanted Matt to try it. I was scared of an unknown supplement but my doctor assured me it was herbal based and safe. For the first week on the dicon Matt still complained of the same discomfort and stomach pain, but since he had no side effects we gave it a couple more days and by the second week Matt was up and about and was back to himself. His stomach ache was completely gone, no diarrhea, no headaches, and he felt better overall. Best of all, he was back in school! I hope more moms out there will read this and get their kids to use dicon.

I work for a real estate agency and when I began to suffer from diarrhea I was in a real trouble
I couldn’t take the chance of being on the road because I needed to be near a bathroom all day. Nighttimes were just as bad, I had to constantly get up. I was tired, miserable and almost out of a job. Then a co
worker suggested dicon. His wife had been part of a clinical trial for dicon and raved about it. I was desperate but skeptical. I tried dicon and within a couple of hours I noticed that I didn’t have to run to the bathroom. That night I slept well and the next day I was back to my job and happy to take calls from clients again. Every now and then, I have a loose stomach and I take a dose of dicon to clear it up. I recommend dicon to anyone who suffers from diarrhea.

I live in Jerusalem. My husband was in the clinical trial for dicon. For over 20 years he’d been going only twice a week to the bathroom and even then he was having difficulty going. Since he began taking dicon he’s going to the bathroom every day and he feels so much better. Unbelievable! I never thought that his life could get better.

My daughter Jenny was embarrassed to go to junior high school because she had to go to the bathroom so often. She didn’t want to date or go to parties. Her teachers didn’t understand and her classmates poked fun at her. I didn’t know how to help her. My husband heard about dicon. I spoke to my nutritionist and after reading the ingredients she assured me that it was safe for Jenny to take. Jenny takes a daily dose of dicon and is feeling great. Her diarrhea is gone and to top it off she told me she that since starting dicon she no longer suffers from PMS cramping. Dicon has been wonderful for Jenny!

I am a nurse in Hadassah Hospital. When my son came home from the military he was physically exhausted . He had diarrhea for three whole weeks. And even though I am a nurse, I tried everything but nothing helped him. He tried all different kinds of medications. After taking two doses of dicon the diarrhea stopped. Now just to make sure his stomach stays well, he takes one dose every two days and he’s much, much better.

I travel overseas for business. Whenever I travel, I suffer from travelers
diarrhea. My doctor recommended probiotics but unless I take it for several days before traveling, it does not help. My business trips are not always planned in advance and I’ve experienced many uncomfortable trips. A coworker recommended I try dicon. On my next trip I used dicon and felt the difference. I no longer suffer from travelers diarrhea and I am no longer anxious about trip planning.

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