diconTM is an herbal supplement that recalibrates and maintains a healthy digestive system. Just one daily dose restores your system’s normal functions.

dicon’sTM unique Combination Herbal Therapy (CHT) extracts is based on the premise that the human body possesses systems that both affect positively and repair one another when given the opportunity to do so.

System function disruption may result from tension and nervousness, irregular eating habits such as eating too quickly, or a lack of physical activity. Individual personality or lifestyle behaviors will inevitably affect the body and thereby disrupt its balance and normal function. For example, the timing and quantity of gastric juice secretion is of major significance in the digestive system. Any deviation from the normal pattern of secretion would reduce the effectiveness of subsequent digestion in the intestines. When the stomach becomes accustomed to excessive gastric juice secretion, internal systems tend to register such quantities as “normal,” thus harming the digestion process as a whole. Combination Herbal Therapy (CHT) effectively recalibrates these subsystems and restarts their activity, eliminating the factors that detracted from their original functions.

diconTM corrects aberrations that develop in the timing and activity of the digestive system and related bodily systems, restoring the original state of equilibrium that was disrupted. diconTM enables the digestive system to overcome various malfunctions using its own internal tools.