Clinical Trial Findings

diconTM has proven itself in the laboratory as having a significant benefit for those suffering from Irritable Bowel Sydrome (IBS). In a placebo-controlled trial to test the efficacy of the remedy, patients suffering from IBS-constipation and IBS-diarrhea who took dicon showed measurable improvements and continued benefits even after cessation of the treatment.

“The clinical trial was administered by Dr. Warren Z Jacobsohn, MD, Director of Institute of Gastroenterology (Ret.) in Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel. Dr. Jacobsohn was selected for his expertise in the field of gastroenterology and in particular for his experience with a myriad of patients exhibiting symptoms of IBS. The statistics were compiled and reviewed by Mario Baraz, leading statistician for Haddasah Ein Keren Hospital in Jerusalem.”

The participating patients were suffering from a range of typical IBS complaints such as constipation, diarrhea, and pain-predominant IBS. Each of the test subjects was given a daily dose of either diconTM or a placebo for a four-week period and the effects were monitored.

The results after the initial four weeks were dramatic among those taking the active ingredient with over 60% showing a considerable improvement in their condition. In particular, the sub-group of patients whose primary complaint was constipation (constipation- predominant) or mixed IBS showed the most pronounced reduction in symptom severity.

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In conclusion the report found that the there was a statistically significant benefit in taking dicon for those patients afflicted with IBS characterized by constipation. Patients suffering from IBS characterized by diarrhea were also shown to enjoy significant relief when using dicon, although in this condition a wider scale study was suggested due to the sample size.

Potential Long Term Benefits

After the initial four weeks of treatment, all subjects stopped taking either diconTM or the placebo and returned four weeks later for a further evaluation to determine if diconTM had residual benefits.

Researchers reported a ‘surprising' improvement in the symptom severity within the active ingredient group even though they were no longer taking the remedy. This was indicative that dicon has a long- term effect on constipation and diarrhea even after the cessation of treatment, an important factor when treating a chronic disorder such as IBS.