for constipation

There are several prescription drugs for constipation, the derivatives of which relief is not immediate and can take up to 48 hours. Of concern, side effects can be severe and include cramping, diarrhea and vomiting.

for diarrhea

There are several prescription drugs for constipation the derivatives of which include diphenoxylate with atropine and loperamide. These drugs relieve severe diarrhea dramatically but are not recommended for mild, short-term cases because they tend to be addictive and they have many side effects.

dicon’s unique Combination Herbal Therapy (CHT) has been shown to effectively treat episodic stomach upsets. dicon provides immediate relief – it targets the root cause of stomach upsets and recalibrates the body’s digestive system. When used daily, dicon will help prevent the recurrence of future gastrointestinal upsets.

dicon is a natural blend of herbs with only a minimal amount of preservatives to maintain product freshness. This formula is effective, yet gentle enough to treat both episodic upsets and prevent future occurrences, without any known side effects.